Building Federal City Cat MG42-SS

Hi, it’s been a while. Not so while actually, since my bloging it was on 2010 (So freaking while).

I want to share story about rebuilding abandon bicycle that I found on Local market alley. Before it, I would like to tell mini story about why I need to rebuild this abandon bicycle.

When I still secondary school (mid 90’s), all the friends on the hood own federal bicycle. And I unfortunately, that time I disallowed to have the Federal since I already have BMX. Federal it’s one of Indonesian mountain bicycle brand, its produced by ASTRA. Since ASTRA have experience on producing motorcycle parts, they make sure Federal have the best quality frame-set. And based information, ASTRA use Argon and made it harder and stronger than motorcycle frame. And i know based on info from, link here.

OK, back to City-cat. Like I said, since Federal produced frame set with high quality control, until today you still can see many federal bikes on the road right now. Both restored or still its origin condition. And often I found origin still on mint condition.

City Cat it self the most lover version of Federal bicycle, and I don’t care. I should start it from somewhere. And usually I will find another type/project later. This often proofed, once I founded polygon Estrada 1 frame, and few month later continue by Da-Bomb Target, Polygon Collosus AM 2.0, etc. I just need to focus, and somehow the universe will find its way.

Not like City Cat I found, its abandoned by the previous Owner (why previous owner–since I bought it *smiley face*). Full Bike without saddle, the paint already faded, and I doubt the group-set still working properly. But Its OK for me, I only need the frame set and 200.000 IDR sound fair. And yeah, it have serial number carved under the BB-Shell—FC-3-13-16171.

At the first my idea to repaint the frame set into yellow, as it’s a good colour when riding at night. But after many-many second thought, maybe (just maybe) I repaint as it original paint white-Blue degradation. Already order for the Frame Decal, and additional Eyelet from And other part I plan to cannibal from my old bicycle “siKunyit”, the rest maybe after I disassemble the bike, because frankly until today still not yet disassemble it—so I don’t know which part need replaced or upgrade. And the important, by kind of part that can put to this City Cat.

Like my belated father said, I you buy something based your emotion. You will aside bad/good factor, and just buy it. And found the bad/Good of thing you buy later. In this case, it does.

Here’s some picture when I found the City Cat, and after i disassembled and modified some frame part. Since the City Cat i found don’t have eyelet on its seat-stay, i decided to put 2 Eyelet for Rear Rack and 2 eyelet on fork for front rack.

Cant wait for the paint Job Done, but here some picture when i found it and after dismantle and welding job. For any Question or correction, feel free to drop in comment section.



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